Do you have the GUTS to be a Goalie Mom? I Didn’t Have a Choice…..But I sure have learned some lessons.

Do you have the GUTS to be a Goalie Mom? I Didn’t Have a Choice…..But I sure have learned some lessons.

I never wanted to be a goalie mom. Like ever. If I had a vote (which I didn’t) it would have been a resounding NO thank you. I honestly used to look at fellow parents whose kiddos played goalie and often thought to myself-that must be awful….oh so stressful and pressure packed. Hockey is intense enough, right? I’d secretly whisper to myself “thank goodness that isn’t my kid”. For real, I did….A LOT. 

Now I’m on the other side and I can tell you, it IS all of those things for sure. But it is also so many more things that I simply didn’t know until I sat there in the stands with my kid in the net. Nowadays I sit there in awe because….He CHOSE to be the last line of defense. To take pucks whizzing at his body with immense force~willingly. He signed up to stand tall and represent his team~no matter what. Whether it’s good, bad, ugly or everything in between. 

Here’s the thing, when he chose to be a goalie he chose to be a leader on the ice at all times….Every. Single. Shift. To put himself out there and be vulnerable~for the sake of his team. Sometimes he will be the hero and sometimes it will look more like heartbreak. That is just what it is….. but regardless, he will reset and go again, and again, and again. 

That takes GUTS! And it speaks volumes about his character and strength. I mean, the amount of persistence and sheer mental fortitude that it takes to play that position is amazing…. And I see it now, like really see it, like never before! 

Yes, I was a reluctant goalie parent but darn straight I’m an incredibly PROUD one. Isn’t it funny how the things in life we are often most wary about are things that teach us the best lessons? My son may be young and still figuring this goalie thing out (and I am too) but you can bet your bottom dollar I’m learning from him every single day! 

Shout out to all the goalies and goalie parents out there! You have GUTS galore and also have so much to teach us all~ about hockey AND LIFE! It’s by far, the toughest position on the ice and that’s what makes you BOTH so special. Love the kid, love the game….even if you are a nervous wreck the whole time!! Do you have the GUTS to be a goalie mama?

With Big Much Love,


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