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Family is not an important thing, it is everything.

Michael J. Fox

I truly believe that it takes a VILLAGE to raise a child and that SAME VILLAGE to raise great parents! Are you longing for an inclusive community of like-minded women with whom you can feel SEEN, HEARD and KNOWN?

Do you feel like your world is spinning out of control lately? Are you tired of struggling as a parent (on the daily) and feeling inadequate, depleted, lonely and insecure? Like everyone else has it all figured out and you’ve somehow missed the memo? Do you want to eliminate the constant tug-of war, overcome the daily chaos, banish your FEAR-based belief system, and bid farewell to the overwhelm and the truck-load of mama-guilt FOR GOOD?

You may be able to figure it out all on your own, but let’s face it my friend~you’ve tried that and your extraordinary child requires MORE. More energy, more skills, more direction, more focus, and more PATIENCE then you could have ever imagined. Going it alone is an isolating and frustrating move. Life is short (and LONG); thus, making the choice to get on the “right” path is critical. It pays dividends that equate to MORE ease, more joy, more harmony, more alignment and a whole lot MORE feelings of happiness and success in your life. Don’t you deserve that?

If you need someone in YOUR inner circle that can help you see around the corners and fast track this process, I’d LOVE to be your POWER PARTNER in parenting! I’ll help you parent purposefully through the challenges and give you the strategies, tools and resources you need to effectively UP your parenting game so that you can navigate the difficult circumstances with calm and confidence. I’ll guide you step by step through the PURPOSEFUL PARENTING PATHWAY(TM) I created and aid you in the mindful application of these TEACHINGS to your own life. With my guidance, you will begin to own your story (with pride), unlock your parenting potential and activate your inner power to ANCHOR your family and LEAD with LOVE.

If you desperately need this in your life, and you are ready to go from SURVIVAL MODE to THRIVAL MODE, consider joining my intimate, twelve-week SIGNATURE small-group coaching program. The small group format allows for heightened individualized access and connection to me, as well as the beautiful interplay of a gracious, like-minded community that not only enriches the overall experience but also provides an instantaneous, built-in layer of support.

This program is by application only as I have a limited number of seats, I am highly selective to ensure goodness of fit, and; mostly, because I’m being PROTECTIVE of the intimacy of this group.

DOORS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED; however, you can apply now and request to get on the wait-list.

You can find the application here.

Surviving to THRIVING: A Field Guide to Purposefully Parenting Your Exceptional Child