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The secret to genius is to carry the spirit of childhood into maturity.

Aldous Huxley

Hey there. I’m Brandee. Welcome my friends…this special place is a really lovely place~at least I happen to think so. I’m so glad you’ve found me and I hope you like it here too. A bit about me…. I was born in the mid seventies and my parents were free-spirited hippies who almost named me Blossom (yikes). Lovingly, of course. Although I was quite relieved to have a more mainstream name (especially when the show Blossom hit the tube when I was in high school) it’s actually come in handy. It’s become a mantra of sorts. In many ways I have bloomed and BLOSSOMED despite some of the challenging circumstances of my life. And I’m actually profoundly grateful for those hardships. I see them as blessings~petals and pieces of my experience that make me uniquely me. Growing up I was very much a small town girl but was never one to be constrained by “small town thinking”. I had a huge spirit, boundless energy and in many ways I dared to dream bigger then that place before I knew it was a “thing”. To be honest, I didn’t know how NOT to have BIG TIME dreams!! So….welcome to Brandeelandblossoms my friends…..a “place” that encapsulates who I am, what I’ve learned along the way, and what I desire to GIVE to this world.

That’s the back story… but who am I today and why on earth should you care? Well, I’m a wife and a highly committed mama to three amazing (well I think so) and super active and spirited kiddos. Can you say hockey mama, gymnastics mama, dog mama, and a mama who runs on inspirational quotes, black coffee, dark chocolate and too little sleep? Yep, that’s ME! Anyway, I love to be in the mix of what my kiddos are doing and support their dreams and goals in any way I possibly can. Being a MAMA happens to be my most coveted life role; but, like many of you, I’m a multidimensional woman.

I’m a success coach specializing in family transformation as well as a behavioral consultant, parent-educator, mompreneur, volunteer extraordinaire, and budding author. I’m also a fierce friend and encourger that always leads from the front and with my whole heart. I guess that all boils down to the fact that I’m mainly a GIVER and a DOER. I love making connections, reflecting upon life, and sharing it with others. I’m in my element and at my very best when pouring into the people in my circle. Whether it’s helping them navigate the complexities of parenting, managing a kiddo with special needs, feeling good in their own skin, or stepping into their own greatness, this is where I SHINE. It comes most natural to me and is my absolute sweet spot. You could say that giving to others and making deep connections is my LOVE language. I also aim to be a life-drinker~I want to soak in the precious moments of our days with heartfelt gratitude. We have limited time here on this earth and our kids grow up WAY TOO FAST!! I always seek the lessons from each and every experience and am one who strongly believes in owning your OWN IMPACT. To this end, I aspire to help others find the joy, meaning and deep connectedness in their innermost circles with whom they share their most intimate life experiences~their family.

My life’s purpose is to LOVE my people fiercely, as my children are my LEGACY to this world. I am acutely aware that being their mom is the most sacred and important job I could ever be bestowed. I wear that responsibility like a prideful ribbon and with the understanding that not everyone gets the privilege of being a parent. My secondary purpose is to be a sharer of the wisdom I glean along the way. Providing insight and inspiration to help others UP their personal and parenting GROWTH GAME. My greatest hope is to be a guiding light for those that are seeking clarity, connection and community as they find their own personal formula for fulfillment. To help them release the daily chaos and find their FLOW…..

May the love-filled lessons you find here, scattered amidst the backdrop of an ordinary life, gently nudge you to embrace your current place; then enable you to find your footing and move yourself and your family forward with intention. This is a place to nourish your spirit, grow your heart and mind, and most certainly to BLOOM.

Welcome friends, I’m so glad you’re here.

With Big Much love,