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I am convinced that if we as a society work diligently in every other area of life and neglect the family, it would be analogous to straightening deck chairs on the Titanic.
Stephen R. Covey

What is Family success coaching? It’s a practice in which the focus is on shepherding families through a transformation process so that they can “find their footing” as they navigate the rugged and ever changing terrain of parenting an extraordinary child.

I gently guide families along the specific pathway I created, wherein they gain critical insights and skills to build a strong and mindful foundation, connect deeply within their inter-personal relationships, maximize their internal capacity to turn obstacles into opportunities, and align to their personalized vision of family success.

Through this process I encourage, educate and empower mamas to activate their parenting potential and step into the critical leadership role their family needs so that they can find the joy and ease in their everyday lives. I do this by helping them gain clarity and by giving them the systems, strategies and resources they need to cut through the chaos and banish overwhelm so they can focus on ANCHORING their family and LEADING with love.

Because our families are the epicenters of our lives…when things go awry, it effects EVERY ASPECT OF OUR BEING. It is critically important to focus on and create intentional energy around cultivating “success” on all levels. This is a multi-faceted process for families. To this end, I aspire to help them parent purposefully through the challenges so that they can find the joy, meaning, and deep connectedness in their innermost circles with whom they share their most intimate life experiences.

As a master’s level behavioral consultant I’ve spent over two decades working with individuals struggling with social, emotional, learning and behavioral challenges and their families. Parlay this with my “in the trenches” experiences with my own three children (one of which is extraordinary), and my passion as a parent educator was ignited! Over the years I’ve helped countless families navigate some of the most challenging circumstances of their lives. Through this intimacy with families, I recognized the immense need for layers of support that were quite frankly, sparsely available.

It left me thinking that there just had to be a BETTER WAY! Through a few pivotal “light bulb moments”, I realized that traditional methods of information dissemination were antiquated and needed a refresh. Likewise, with all of the cutting-edge technology at our fingertips the delivery-system could be tweaked and adapted to allow for increased ACCESS, reach and potential impact through a virtual platform that was flexible, adaptable and could meet the ever-changing needs of the modern family. It would also allow for greater frequency of contact as well as interfacing with other families to build a supportive community that was simply unattainable previously. Hence, my coaching practice and the PURPOSEFUL PARENTING PATHWAY (TM) was born.

Providing insight and inspiration to help others UP their personal and parenting GROWTH GAME is my absolute passion. I’m in my element and at my very best when pouring into others. It comes naturally to me and is my absolute sweet spot. My greatest hope is to be a guiding light for those seeking clarity, connection and community as they move towards their own personal formula for fulfillment~ for themselves and their families. Don’t our children ALL deserve to be our common mission? To this end, my ultimate aim is to create an army of FEARLESS FAMILY LEADERS FULL OF PURPOSE!

Need to get on the RIGHT TRACK TODAY?? Are you are pulling your hair out (literally and figuratively) because you are overwhelmed, overworked and have no idea how to shift gears? You feel as though you are failing on the daily, and you have ZERO time to beat around the bush because you are in DIRE need of solutions for change (LIKE YESTERDAY!)?

Consider booking a PRIVATE SESSION with me to discuss your needs and top TWO priorities for change in your household. We will spend a jam packed hour devising a customized and fast-acting strategy to move the needle in your household from CHAOS to CALM!! If you desperately need this in your life, you can be on my schedule as early as THIS WEEK! Message me directly for the link to my calendar so that we can set a time that works perfectly for both of us!

Surviving to THRIVING: A Field Guide to Purposefully Parenting Your Extraordinary Child

Do you feel like your world is spinning out of control lately? Are you tired of struggling as a parent (on the daily) and feeling inadequate, depleted, lonely and insecure? Like everyone else has it all figured out and you’ve somehow missed the memo? Do you want to eliminate the constant tug-of war, overcome the daily chaos, banish your FEAR-based belief system, and bid farewell to the overwhelm and the truck-load of mama-guilt FOR GOOD?

Perhaps you need someone in YOUR inner circle that can help you see AROUND the corners? If you are seeking a structured pathway and high-touch guidance to get you and your family back on track and into the ZONE OF SUCCESS I’ve totally got your back!

I’d LOVE to be your POWER PARTNER in purposeful parenting! Consider joining my 12 week SIGNATURE coaching program focused on encouraging, educating and empowering you to make serious moves within your four walls, ANCHOR your family and take the reigns as a fearless family LEADER!

DOORS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED; however, you can apply now and request to get on the wait-list.

Full-Circle Living: Mastering the Art of Living with, Loving and Purposefully Parenting Your Extraordinary Child

Are you looking for an intimate and FULLY CUSTOMIZED program tailored around you, your family and your unique challenges and needs? My premium, one-on-one coaching program will equip you with everything you need to get on the path towards massive family transformation & success!

I’ll give you a ten thousand foot “birds eye” perspective on the critical facets of your life, then provide you with the strategies, tools and resources you need to catalyze serious change within your family. With my guidance, you will come to own your story (with pride), unlock your parenting potential, master and apply the essential purposeful parenting pathway teachings, activate your inner power to anchor your family, and diligently and fearlessly lead your family forward with love…..FOR THE LONG HAUL. In short, you will become a formidable change agent in your own life (Boom)!

This intensive, year-long program is designed for mamas uber serious about getting their “house in order” and willing to do the heavy lifting needed to enact massive change within their families so that they can get to a place of consistent calm, harmony, joy and ease within their life. We will forge an intimate partnership to take care of the “now” needs and also plan purposefully for the future. You can expect to gain FULL-CIRCLE clarity, purpose and direction from this one of a kind program.

Seats in this program are extremely limited due to the premium customization and high-touch nature. Only three to five spots are available on an annual basis (admissions are rolling). You can access this program via application only and interviews are required.

“The shell must break before the bird can fly”

Let’s talk TRANSITION!!! “Minding the gap” and making the most of transitional life experiences. Transitions are often fraught with anxiety but they are also the most rich in opportunities for GROWTH AND CONNECTION.

It’s ALL ABOUT tapping into the season of that growth cycle, knowing when you are in one, and ACTIVELY FLIPPING THE SCRIPT ! These are essential elements to not only navigate transitional times but to CREATE THE EXPECTATION AND POTENTIATION OF SUCCESS.

If you and your child are in the midst of a transition, or you want to be prepared as you approach one….. you don’t want to miss my three-part training series Transitional Triumph: Tackling Transition, Minding the Gap, and Mastering the Trajectory for Success.

Live, Love & Parent Like You Mean It

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