Speak it, Show it, BE it…Our Number One Job as Parents is to LOVE HARD Everyday.

Speak it, Show it, BE it…Our Number One Job as Parents is to LOVE HARD Everyday.

THIS. It’s so on point. Isn’t it grand? I had to pair it with this picture because when I look at the picture, all I think about is LOVE. How it literally jumps out of the image~it’s palpable. 

It’s also one of my most favorites because it captures a much simpler time in our life (although we didn’t know it then). Ahhh, the innocence (both the kids AND us). Nevertheless, so much has changed since then; yet, there is one constant. Unrelenting LOVE. 

We tell our kids we love them EVERYDAY (a gazillion times)….we hug and kiss and squeeze them (even when they resist because they are growing into their teenage coolness). We still do it. We show up to LOVE them and remind them how fantastically unique and special they are to us all the time. Even when they are far from those things~especially then. 

It’s a habit in our household. Why? Because these little monkeys are our legacy to this world and I absolutely believe this quote with my whole heart….that what they believe, they will BECOME. I also believe that what they believe comes largely from us. So we vow to fill them to the brim with love, positivity and the notion that they can and will accomplish anything they set their minds to. 

When I’m erased from this earth I want them to still feel my presence through the words and wisdom that I shared with them….THEY ARE LOVED. They are oh so special. They are; quite honestly, our entire world. That’s at the tippy top of the list on our “job description” as parents, right? Because we are the ultimate life coaches afterall. ️

So, my friends, tell your babes how you feel (no matter how old they are). Don’t just assume they know. TELL THEM… each and every day. They need to hear the WORDS spoken from your heart. Speak with intention and know that your “everyday words” will shape their life. What they believe, they will become. 

Too this end, I still write lunch box love notes to my kiddos everyday. You may think this is silly or over the top as they are 16, 14 and 11 but I think it’s more important NOW then when they could barely read those words. They are my little “proof of love reminders” which I have no intention of stopping any time soon! 

At one point my middle son said “no thank you mom” (I was embarrassing him I guess) but I persisted. Love endures….it always does. I’ll keep SHOWING UP in a million little ways every single day so when they leave our nest, which is not too far away, they will know it DEEP DOWN in their bones. They will also know how to have deep, connected relationships with other humans which is critical to life! 

What’s my ultimate measuring stick as a parent? To create a family and a home that our kids long to come back to when they are grown and gone. One that feels safe, comfortable, and fills them with an overwhelming and familiar LOVE when they walk through the door. One they ache for when there are miles between us. Creating a home and family that exudes love is my ABSOLUTE PURPOSE. 

Let’s face it, children learn lots of things, but they mostly learn what they live. My wish is that my children, and yours too, have a life blessed by unwavering love~and that they can feel it enveloping them, protecting them, and willing them to greatness~whatever that looks like for them. What they believe they will in fact become. 

As parents, we often HAVE to do the hard things but I also encourage you to do the LITTLE things. Those seemingly insignificant things…they are often the most profound! 

Imagine if we all did this? Spread love early and often? Imagine if we started at home with the people that matter most? Imagine if that love spreads to friends, teammates, neighbors, even strangers and then their own children someday?

Now that is IMPACT if you ask me. “Just” love, kindness, heart-speak and a whole lot of impact. For what we ALL believe, we shall certainly BECOME. 

With Big Much Love,

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