What the Mamas are Saying

You guys…. they’re TALKING ABOUT ME!! Here’s what folks are saying….

Brandee was, and still is, our life preserver. When things would get crazy I would reach out for her to grab my hand and pull me to a safe place. She’s played a prominent role in our life… Through the training I became a better advocate for my son. Brandee ‘s expertise, empathetic nature, and consistent positive encouragement conveyed essential emotional support and much needed hope. She is a true beacon of hope in my life…I have peace of mind knowing I can turn to her for direction when my son’s disability presents our family with a unique challenge. Parenting a special needs child can be isolating and disheartening if we are not provided sufficient coping mechanisms and the tools to face such adverse circumstances. Fortunately, Brandee outfitted me with the tools I needed to face the challenges of raising an exceptional child. I am forever grateful that I participated in the training sessions. Brandee continues to be my genuine confidant and friend to this day.
Lisa B.
We are grateful to have crossed paths with Brandee…..she was always professional, understanding and supportive as she shared her knowledge and expertise to help us navigate our autism journey and find what worked best for our daughter.
Brooke C.
Brandee’s insight and persistence helped my son with special needs succeed and be valued for his talents and strengths. She is compassionate, knowledgeable and caring. She cares deeply for the families she works with and helps both the children and the parents. To this day, I continue to look to her for guidance and wisdom… in life, and business and family. She continues to provide a wealth of knowledge, educational resources, and guidance to my family. She has a unique history and perspective and treats each family as her own. She is able to provide insight at each life stage and I can always rely on her support. It has been a pleasure to partner with her as she is an asset and a one-of-a-kind. I continue to be blessed with her friendship to this day.
Camille C.
Brandee is a ray of sunshine and positivity in stressful moments. Her level of expertise and ability to think quickly in the moment have been helpful in keeping me grounded. While she carries many levels of expertise as a consultant she interacts with others as a partner first and foremost. She never hesitates to do the work alongside others while leading them at the same time. I am thankful for Brandee’s ability to connect instantly with those she meets. She demonstrates compassion, consideration, and care always. While it is not always and easy task, she maintains her focus in doing what is best for children while leading the adults who are in caregiver and educator roles.
Jill S.
I met Brandee when our oldest son (who is now twenty) was in grade school transitioning from the Delaware Autism Program to our home school district. It was not an easy transition. Brandee was very insightful and positive when our son presented with difficulties in his classroom. She worked closely with the teachers to develop solutions that led to a much more positive experience. Additionally, our participation in the parent training sessions with Brandee really made us think, plan for our sons future, and target specific behaviors. She worked very closely with us and would break down the steps in the process of creating and adjusting plans specific for our home and family. Over the years, our relationship developed into a friendship and Brandee has continued to care for our family, always listening and having our best interest at heart. Our son is now a college junior and he has come so far! I’m so thankful to have met Brandee.
Kristen L.

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