Moms Everywhere: STOP Being the Thief of Your Own Joy by Letting FEAR Rule the Roost.

Moms Everywhere: STOP Being the Thief of Your Own Joy by Letting FEAR Rule the Roost.

If you’re not careful, your own fears and insecurities will not only trick you into a mediocre life, they will rob you of your joy along the way.

So much truth in this statement right here. When I first saw it I had to let it sink in for a moment (well maybe two) to grasp its powerful significance in my own life. I’ve come to know wholeheartedly though, that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, we ever REALLY want in this life, is on the other side of FEAR. 

I see you my friends….harried, exhausted, depleted, tentative and in constant impression management mode. I feel your angst and frustration; co-mingling with your internal yearning to DO more and BE more in your one god forsaken life. But then, there you go again, letting fear marginalize your existence and cause you to feel sidelined in your own LIFE- and all before 7am!! Worst of all, on the back end of this ugly scene, you’re inadvertently teaching your daughters this tricky technique too-how to mastermind the negativity spiral towards becoming a sliver of your once blossoming potential by succumbing to an over-analyzing, under-valuing and selling yourself short mindset time and time again. The take one for the team mentality- well, its time for it to take a permanent back seat. Because you CAN measure up to fear- you just need to be willing to go a few rounds.

Because mama, do you happen to remember that teensy weensy thing you did not so long ago…..called birthing children? YOU DID THAT. You grew another human being and brought that life into the world so it could grace you and the world with limitless potential. But what was happening just before that magnificent moment where you saw your baby look at you and the way you experienced LOVE was forever changed? Rewind with me my friends…. I can tell you that for me (and I’m certain for most of you), I was so freaking terrified~especially with my firstborn. I had no idea what to expect, no clue if I could hack it through the grueling birth process let alone come out the other side transformed into a “mom”.  I was so incredibly AFRAID.  But, it was the most beautiful and growth-filled process I’d ever experienced. EVER. Literally, nothing quite compares to its power in changing my life forever. I’m confident you feel the same way! Almost instantaneously, deep connections were forged and a new way of being…..a realm of existence I had never been privy to previously, emerged. ALL on the other side of FEAR. 

These experiences alter us, because they stretch us to the max. They shift our core being and set us on a course we could have never planned for ourselves. They are spectacular and life-changing, and ALWAYS on the other side of fear. Have you heard the saying, I’m so glad I was given what I needed and NOT what I thought I wanted? I adore it. To this end, I think that fear is often strategically placed in our lives to alert us to pay closer attention, to notice the details, to stay present in the learnings that are being offered if we open our hearts and minds up to receiving them. I’ve come to realize that when I feel FEAR most saliently, I’m actually on the right track and big transformations are just around the corner….waiting for me to arrive. So my friends….embrace it, the fear that is…feel it full throttle and keep going anyway. The best version of you is just beyond it… begging to be unleashed. 

You were MEANT to be there….just don’t keep it waiting too long! 

With Big Much Love,

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